Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fishing for Trout

Well, as you may have heard, the trout were definately on top of me. 2 days of hours worth of trawling around the water hoping that i was doing it right, praying for a fish! NOPE! nothin!

I found out there are a heap of yabbies in the dam, so i tossed in 2 harbour bridge pots and after an hour i pulled in over 30 yabbies. Bummer we don't eat em, Tez would be very annoyed to know that no one wanted them around the park and all went back in the water the next night after another day of trying to fish with them as live bait.

Then I found my neighbours in the park were cleaning up each morning, bagging out with 5 trout each for the last couple of days. Chris and Gav invited me to come out on Aussie day morning to learn a thing or two. Of course I was headed out with them.

I had to meet the boys at 5am to take down the boat and lauch for a 4 hour run. In  the water by 515 and with no light and only the GPS to guide us away from the islands, we trawled around for an hour with not much action, and a few lost lures from snags. Chris said the fish seem to be at this time of year around the 35 feet deep mark. I thought it was just my luck that they would not catch a thing!

 Chris downsized the amount of rods from 6 messy rigs to 4 definate lines. 2 we sent down on separate down riggers to sit at 35 foot and 40 foot depths with about 40 feet of line dragging a trout lure of different colours.

One of the other rigs was made of lead line (3colours long) attatched to braid either end and dragging a similar lure. The other was a Chris special which was a basic Cod lure attached strait to braid but instead of 2 trebbles, he removed the front trebble and off the back he attached about a foot or 2 of leader and attached a basic fly. With this, the lure got the fly down to the depth required and then attracted the fish, which then the trout attacked the fly.

After about an hour we got a few small hook ups, but I lost them. I felt pretty bad, but then found out i just use the drag and not pull too hard. Gav pulled in the first Rainbow trout which was a decent size so we drove for not much more till I was on. At one stage we had a double hook up, one getting off, the other I dragged in a great sized Brown trout and to Chris' surprise it was on his special lure. I pulled in another rainbow which was only small and Chris and Gave brought in 2 rainbows each. we also caught a few salmon, 4 in total, but they are pest fish in Chris' eyes and all went straight back.

I was pretty chuffed because i finally got the trout that i was chasing. Yew Yew!

Stayed out till about 930 or so and came in and the boys cleaned them up. Great Aussie Day all round. Even better, we got back, started drinking at 12 noon and didn't stop till 10pm! 

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