Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Jindabyne to Tassie!

We apologise now for being lazy but to tell you the truth its only going to get worse!

Today is a new adventure to Eden.  We left Jindabyne and Sharna drove to down the ranges towards the coast again.  First stop was the Bega Cheese Factory for lunch and to sample the goodies :)  Next was a half an hour drive to Eden but for some unknown reason it took us an hour! Once we finally got to Eden we checked out two parks and decided that Garden of Eden Top Tourist park was the winner.  We set up to the sound of ten thousand bell birds and not a sole around us we have about 40 sites to choose from it was awesome!  Oh and they had wild waskely rabbits :) 

The next day we headed south over the boarder to Mallacoota and took on the small towns on the way.   On the way we went to the Whale Museum.  Bit boring for Sharna not into Museums but I thought it was ok.

We headed North the next day and got caught in Tathra at the historical wharf.  We had lunch on the wharf watching the fisherman try and win a catch and then it was on!  Everyone was catching these fish I had never seen before.  We looked them up and found out they were Bonito and I wanted one!  We decided to stay and give it a go.  We checked out what all the other guys rigs were and tried to copy them but to no avail. 

We got back to the wharf the next day prepared to catch one!  Sharna caught the live bait and I caught the BIG fish!  First cast and I was on!  Pulled a Bonito on the smallish side so used him as bait for sharna.  Next cast and I was on again but this time it was a thumper.  It was so good because you could actually see the fish coming up from the depths to take the live bait that was swimming around under the float.  The water was so clear you could see about 15 metres in depth.  On my last throw out I caught a green back tailor.  It was a good day all round.

We crossed into Victoria and there is not much in between Eden and Orbost.  We decided to stop in Orbost for lunch and continued onto the Lakes Entrance for 3 nights.  The park we chose was original $54 a night in the school holidays UNBELEIVABLE!  Lucky we only had to pay that for one night.  Great park though.  Not much done today just moving but it was a very special ladies birthday!  Happy Birthday Nana hope you had a fab day!

Today was the hottest day EVER!  By 7am it was wayyyyyyyy tooo hot in the camper!  But 10.30am it was already 38 degrees!  With a top of 40 predicted!  So we decided to make it a drive day so we could sit in air conditioning.  Headed south to Bairnsdale, Paynesville, Metung and lastly Sale.  Also called into a place called Holland's Landing which was a scary ghost town!  Went shopping in Sale and Sharna scored a sale in Sale.  Headed back to Bairnsdale and went to the pub for a beer then a movie.  Saw Love and Other Drugs not bad a movie only ones in there too!  Went into the movies with it being 40 degrees and came out and it was 28 degrees LUSH!  True Victorian weather.  Then headed back.
Decided to get up early to go fishing.  Drove for about 20 mins stopped and fished and caught three baby flathead nothing to brag about.  Started to head off and the motor died just wouldn't accelerate only idle.  Decided to head back and not risk it so the fishing lasted 10 mins and crawled home :(
Another moving day.  This time to a room no camper this night!  We headed to Melbourne in preparation for our voyage to Tasmania!  Decided to try and book a place before we left Lakes Entrance.  No parks available to it was onto hotel motels on  Two words NEVER AGAIN!  Well not unless we see the place first.  We arrived at our nice warm room for the night and realised that the place rents the room out for the day between 11am-4pm.  It was the biggest dive ever!  The people that lived there looked like the scum of Melbourne!  Lets just say we both slept with one eye open that night and I have never seen Sharna get ready to leave so fast in my life!
The big voyage day has arrived!  We got to the port about 7.15am with departure scheduled at 9am.  Well it turned out we didn't get onto the boat with the car until 9.30am and didn't leave until 10am.  But the cabin we booked was LUSH!  It had a porthole with two single beds and own toilet and shower!  Soooooooo good!  We checked out the boat and had breakfast then headed back to the cabin for some shows. 

Had a 2hr nana nap then back out for arvo tea and then we were there!  Tasmania was in our sights.  Of course we did not book anything for the first night and thought we would have many options but to our stupidness there was not much.  We ended up at a caravan park near the docks.  They were really nice but the amenities were below standard but good for $20.  Had McDonalds for tea as it was the only thing open at 9.30pm.

Packed up and pissed off early to head North West.  Spoke to a lovely lady named Ros at the Devonport Information Centre and then we were off to tackle Tassie.  Went to Burnie, Wynyard, Smithton, basically everywhere along the North West Coast and out to Arthur River on the West Coast for the night.  Heading back to Stanley tomorrow to climb the Nut and then down towards Cradle Mountain.
Well thats it for the update.  Its about 8 degrees and Sharna's hands are about to fall off typing this update so we better sign off now and hope everyone is ok and doing great and enjoying work!  Suckers!

 We stayed there until 5pm and still nothing.  I was keen and conned sharna to stay another night and come back tomorrow.  Such a great wifey she said yes!  After an hour of rigging up all the rods we were set for tomorrow.

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