Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tasmania - North west down to South East

OK so we are very slack this post and are going to give you guys the brief run down or what we have done in the last week or here goes...................

This is Arthur River meets the ocean on the west coast.

This is wifey freezing her butt off!  The sun is very deceiving!  Its at the lighthouse at Bluff Hill.

Marrawah Beach with the wind farm in the back ground.

Dismal Swamp.  There is a slide down to the swamp but there is no way we were paying $20 each for a 20 second weeeeeeeeee!

On top of the WORLD actually the Stanley Nut.

Otherside of the Nut.

The Nut from afar.

My little iceberg at the Cradle Mountain lookout.  Which all the silly people had no idea which one it was but wifey knew (not sure how though maybe the cloud gave it away!)

My second encounter of a live echidna.  The first was almost disasterous for the echidna and my tyres.

Cradle Mountain.  Mum you would have loved the wild flowers.

Freezing stunning wild creatures and Cradle Mountain.

Can you find wifey????

There she is!

Pretty creek on the dove lake circuit.


Boat Shed

Little bit hotter now after the walk

My first salmon after the first one got away!

Cascade Brewery

Ready, aim, FIRE!

On top of Mt Wellington.  This is Hobart.  It was freezing on top at 7 degrees and in shorts.

Us getting a quick shot before running back to the car.

Old Richmond Bridge.

Fatty ducks eating my chocolate muffin.

View from the Tasman Blowhole South

View from North

Devils Kitchen Lookout

We have done other things but the photos didn't cut it so.......

Thats all folks!

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  1. I love these photos of Tassie - brings back lots of happy memories