Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tasmania - Hobart and surrounds

Well well, another day and another late blog. We have now decided that stories only need to be told when we can be bothered. I hate typing and sharna, well can't be bothered (and i can't blame her)

So since our last check in we have stayed at Richmond (20 minutes north east of Hobart) for a total of 6 nights, ventured down to Cockle Creek on the southern tip for a night of free camping, headed back up through Hobart and further on to Bicheno on the East Coast for 2 nights. We left Bicheno this morning after 8 hours of non stop rain and STRONG winds. Packed up in the rain and ventured north (in non stop rain) to St Helens near the Bay of Fires and here we have both cracked it and sharna has used her "Get Out Of Camping Free Card" and we are now in a dry warm cabin with its own ensuite (trust me she didn't need much convincing from me)

So in that week or so these are a few of the pictures and movies that we have to show!

The Huon jet boat was pretty awesome. I made a film of us travelling in it, well made a few, one went for about 10 minutes, so i'll put on the short one so you get the drift. it was prett cool! Actually, my internet connection here is too slow, so will have to do it at a later date. Pics will have to do for now.

I didn't actually take this one, it came on the pics the boat people gave us, but its a pretty sweet picture of the boat and jetty.

The next few are from the Cascade brewery tour that we went on in Hobart. Actually the only pics worth putting on are for my Dad, looks pretty similar to your old beast down in the shed! wonder how many cartons or kegs had sat on this beast over the years.

Pic from the Cadbury factory. We were too late in the day to make the tour of the making of chocolate, but not late enough to miss out on our chocolate binge at the cellar door sales! $20 later we were loaded up and ready to put on some pounds!

This is the suspension bridge (or one of them) at the Tahune Airwalk.

This is Sharna on a hang gliding ride at the same place. It towed you up a cable and released you so you flew back down, did this twice! pretty shit tho! wouldn't reccomend it!

This is me fishing at the most southerly point of Australia. For such a big spot in Oz, I wished the fishing was something to remember! None.

Here is the plaque at the end of the most southernly track!

Barna and me on top of the Wineglass Bay lookout. Pretty rubbish day, but nice enough on top. Pretty steep hill climb, 40 minutes up but all straight up!

Us at Honeymoon bay.

This is my first pike. Caught on a spinner. He had mega teeth!

The blow hole at Bicheno. 

These are the penguins. We went down to the beach after dinner to watch the penguins come ashore. Problem was we got there at 730 and they don't come ashore until full darkness (after 9pm) so we sat around, i fished! Nothing again! finally we heard them, but only seen the butt of one as it ran across the track. We finally gave up and left at 930, tho we drove home along the esplanade and finally seen one waddling along the road. I'm not sure if we are allowed to take pics of them with a flash, but he didn't complain too much!

And thats where we are at. Keep reading, one day you might actually read something worth reading!


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