Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back on the mainland!!!

Hi All

Once again this is going to be a basic picture blog because after 2 months of travelling we are officially lazy bums!

This is us at Binalong Bay over looking the Bay of Fires.  Windy has hell!

Bay of Fires

Matt fishing in the Bay of Fires (Caught Nothing!)  But such a beautiful day!

Cataract Gorge Suspension Bridge (Basin 1)

Sharna on bridge at Gorge

Us - Behind us is up the gorge towards the 2nd basin

Peacocks were everywhere and would come right up to you of course only if you had food :)

Basin 1

Matt attempting to look like the HULK!

If only I had go go gadget arms to push :)

Batman Bridge

Matt finally catching his is first Salmon at Kelso. After fishing for 3 hours one day, hooking 3 and loosing all of them. we gave up. The next day we decided to give it another try. So we headed back to the same wharf and after watching some old digger about 70 catch 5 fish(salmon and mullet) Matt finally hooked and landed 2 salmon and a pike off a metal lure. He also lost 2 fish right at the jetty because we didn't have the net. one of the fish that was lost was a large pike, that was taken whole by a squid right at our feet. The squid was smaller than the pike! We couldn't believe it!

Just big enough, wat ever Sharna, it was 38cm.

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse

Matt being a nutter!

Well folks thats all the pics we have for you this show so stay tuned for the next slideshow :)

And yes we will try to post more often. Kaz i think you recall your last travels that your posts were few and far between, so hold your horses, and read them when they are there!


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