Saturday, March 12, 2011

Melbourne and the start of the Great Ocean Road!

Hi Guys

Righto this time we have been really slack with the pictures these past couple of weeks so we have decided to do a BIG blog :) so here goes......

We arrived off the boat on Sunday night (27th Feb) and drove through Melbourne down south to the Mornington Peninsular to stay with Kate Moloney (Long time friend of matts from schools and short time friend of mine from our first drinking session those many years ago :) ) 

We stayed with Kate in her unit and finally got away from the camper for a few nights.  As we arrived on Sunday Kate was unable to get Monday off to so went exploring.  We started at the beach at Mornington and took a stroll......

We then drove on down the Peninsular all the way to Portsea as far as we could go out to Point Nepean National Park.  On the way down we drove up to the top of Arthur's Seat and took some pics of Port Phillip Bay.

After some scenic driving we needed some pick me up soooooo we decided to go to the Sunnyridge Strawberry Farm!  YUMMMMMOOOO!  (PS.  We did share this amazing sundae!)

After there we drove down and around the rest of the Peninsular on the south side and looked out towards Phillip Island and French Island. 

We met Kate back at home and then headed out for a yummy dinner and drinks.  Although more drinks were needed when we were kicked out of the restaurant but the whole town was closed.  Bugger!

The next day we were planning to have a look around Phillip Island, The Maze and Hot Springs but the day was horrible and I was not well.  So it was a day of movies for Kate and Matt.  (Sorry once again Kate for wasting your day off :) )

Next day we headed off towards Healesville (Yarra Valley) for some tastings!  On the day we arrived we headed to White Rabbit Brewery :)

On our next day we headed to 3 wineries and 1 brewery.  They all tasted too good to stop so by lunch time we both had had enough :)  We had lunch at one of the wineries which was delicious! Sorry but we can't remember the wineries :)

After lunch we decided to go have a look at the devastion of Black Saturday Bushfires at Marysville.  As you can see from the picture below the green is finally starting to come back and the township is slowly getting rebuilt.

As we missed out on the Maze in Mornington we decided to head to the Hedgend Maze in Healesville on our moving day.  The Maze was pretty cool and we were very lucky just as we found the end (well matt did) it started to pour with rain!  After the rain stopped we played mini putt putt and to matt's dissappointment I won!  It must be a curse for matt as he is unable to beat any of the Everett's in any style of golf :)

We then headed back to Melbourne to stay with a lovely lady and close family friend Jan Mac in Thornbury.  After settling in we got ready for a big night on the town to see AJ!  We caught a tram into the city and stopped into a pub on the opposite corner to Federation Square.  Its called Young and something... it is famous but at present we can't think the name.

We then got another tram (just love these trams!) to Rod Laver to see Allan Jackson!  The concert was absolutely fantastic!

We then followed about 90% of the concert goer to the Casino!  It was packed with rednecks and hillbillies from all around Australia!  We had a go on roulette and come out winning $50.

The next day we decided to spend the day with Jan and went to Victoria Markets for a bit and then headed back to the Casino!  I had a ball with Jan playing the machines, winning, drinking cocktails and having a laugh but matt on the other hand was having a great time drinking and gambling but losing on the tables!

After matt lost all his money (our money) we decided to leave and go for dinner.  We had a great night!  Thanks again Jan for letting us stay.

After Jan's we headed to my loving family Norma and Lenny's house to drop the camper.  During the day they already had plans so we met another friend of Matt's, Clare Cowley at the Belgium Beer Garden for a few beverages and lunch.  After a few hours of drinks and laughs we headed back to Norma and Lenny's for a huge family BBQ for dinner.  Had a few more beverages and lots of talking and laughing the night ended.

We spent the morning with Norma and Lenny until we finally headed out back to reality of camping.  We headed down towards the Great Ocean Road and stayed at Anglesea.  After setting up camp we decided to spend the afternoon on the beach as it was a fantastic day hot and sunny!  Matt tried his hand at fishing and caught three baby salmon not worth even taking a picture of.  While I lazed on the beach and went for a walk.

Next day was cloudy and cold but we decided to head back up through Torquay (Outlet shopping!), Geelong and Queenscliffe.  We stopped for lunch at Queenscliffe and looked out over Port Phillip Bay towards Portsea.   On the way home we stopped into the famous Bells Beach and once again it was flat as a tack.  Matts been here 3 times and everytime its been flat!

The next day we were planning on leaving but it rained and I mean rained all day and night and the camper was wet again.  So we decided to stay another day and did nothing!

Finally the rain broke and we continued on to the Great Ocean Road and headed towards Apollo Bay!

We set up at Apollo Bay and decided to go fishing!  We fished off the rock wall and once again to matts dissappointment I caught the biggest and most fish that day.  He did however hook two massive salmon but snapped the line trying to drag them over the rocks.  I caught a salmon also but matt touched my line and his bad luck made the fish spit the hook and I lost it!

Since it is a long weekend we were unable to get accomodation on the coast so we headed inland to Colac.  On the way we drove down to Cape Otway Light Station but did not pay the $18 each to go in the lighthouse (Ripppppppp Offfff!)  On the way to the Light Station we spotted some Koala's!  There was a mummy and baby.

I spotted this one dropped out of one tree and climb another.  He was close enough to even hand feed.  Matt was stoked! 

We continued driving up though Laver Hill to Colac.  At the caravan park we are staying at has a farm.  There is a Rooster (which by the way goes off at dawn!) there are chickens, sheeps, geese, cows and a big ram with massive gonads!!!

As matt did not conquer Apollo Bay matt wanted to go back.  But once again I was the only one to catch a fish.  My first salmon!

Matt did however catch a crab.

Today we are being very lazy and spending the day at the caravan park.  We have now though going to head into town for a lazy sunday arvo session.

Finally you get a good blog but it has taken forever so don't expect another long for awhile :)

See you all soon!
Love ya's!

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