Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas and New Years in Newcastle!

Hey Guys,

Been Busy!

Left Newrybar (Matt's Mum and Dads house) on thursday morning (23rd) to travel straight to Newcastle to stay at Sharna's brother and sister in law's house in New Lambton. We arrived late in the arvo after catching up with Dad (Noel) on the way down for late lunch at a servo about an hour out of Newcastle.

We arrived in New Lambton at the same time as Nanna, Doug and Carole (Sharna's folks) came back from the Airport.

For the next 8 Days we ate, drank and chased the little tackers around the house.

Christmas day was a Perfect Aussie day. Clear skys, not too hot and great company! We got up to the noise of 3 Kidlets Yelling and screaming as they worked there way through their Santa sack! We had a nice breakfast of pancakes and fruit then packed our things and took the kids to the beach at Mereweather Baths. After a few hours of playing with the kids in the shallows we headed back for beers and a late lunch of salad and Roast Beef steaks and thick snaggs(good aussie bbq) and wrapped up the meal with a big pavlova, ice cream and fruit. After a few more beers the kids couldn't help but start a water fight with their new water guns. Everyone got drenched,water guns turned into cups, jugs, buckets, hoses, anything that could hold water! Was a great day!

Wednesday the 29th (Dads Birthday), 5 of us travelled out to the Hunter Valley to visit some wineries, chocolate factories, and Cheeseries!!! We stopped at McGuigan, Tullock, Tyrrel, Tempus Two, David Hooks wineries to taste some of the Hunters finest! Tasted heese at both Mcguigan and Tempus Two. Visited and tasted chocolate at Hunter Valley Chocolate Co. and had lunch and beers at the Potters Brewery. Since it was such a busy day I sort of forgot to ring dad! I'm such a bad son! Sorry again dad!!

New Years Eve was a pretty cruisy day. We went to the local pool with the kids in the morning that has a tube slippery dip, 4 different sized pools and  diving boards of different heights. few hours of play took it out of me so i slept with Cory on his afternoon nap for an hour or so. the arvo was pretty cruisy until we all headed into the forshore to watch the fireworks in the park with the kids at 9pm. we headed home, put the kids to bed, and stayed up listening to music, drinking and playing Aticulate board game. Happy new years everyone!

We left Newcastle on the 2nd headed for our first camp spot of our journey - Dunleith caravan park, The Entrance. Arrived 2pm and set up camp (1.5 hours of tarp and basic camper) then headed to town for supplies. First night a storm and heavy rain, awesome! but the set up held out the element no worries and all is clean and dry!
So today, Monday the 3rd, we have had a cruisy morning of doing bugger all, drinking coffee and watching the life of a trailer park!!! We'll set up the rest of the camper this morning and head out for a explore and go for some walks around the local area this arvo.


Foo and Sharna

We will add pics later, for some reason it is not letting me, so will work it out and then add!

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