Monday, December 20, 2010

Most Easterly Point of Australia

This morning was the start of our amazing adventure!  We woke to a cool, calm morning at 4.50am to head out to the most easterly point of Australia the Byron Bay Lighthouse.  As usual we were running behind time but made it with 5 mins to spare!  It was definately worth the earlier morning rise!

With all this exercise so early in the morning we decided to have one last splurge and went out for breakfast but at 6am in the morning there was only a few places open the newsagent, butcher (by the way its the best butcher in Byron Bay (Trevor Mead Butchers!) and Why Not Cafe.  After chatting to Trevor, Chris and Graham Mead we headed to Why Not and had the best LAST breakfast out!

NOW check out the pictures!

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