Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oberon or Katoomba down to Shoalhaven Heads

New day new blog. since the last blog we have done a bit.

After the Jenolan Caves, we got up the next morning to a wet horrible morning. We were planning on spending the day in Katoomba exploring the 3 sisters and spending money riding on Scenic world cable car and railway but the cloud cover was so bad that we could not even see 10 feet in front of us. Instead on the way out we decided to head to Lithgow information centre to see what else was on offer. We decidied on a 4 hour round trip 4WDing towards what they call the glow worm tunnel. The trip out in wet conditions didn't challenge us too much but was definately a great day out. The drive, although was wet was fairly simple. We got to the end and had to walk for half hour but it was definalely worth it. Its hard to show pics cause it is all black with a few lights that look like stars. But in this tunnel it was awesome, 400m tunnel, in the centre you couldn't see either end. With the torches we held, it illuminated the worms and once we turned off the torches the tunnel lit up like the night sky, it was full of star like lights up the walls and covering the ceiling. I have seen a few glow worms before but nothing like this. It was awesome.
Once we left and drove back we dropped into katoomba to see if any sights were visible !!!! NOPE! couldn't see 10m in front of you! oh well!  Drove back for the last night in Oberon.

Next day we woke to have a cruisy pack up. With out the tarp it was easier but still took a few hours since we didn't do anything the night before, we started at 8 and left Oberon at 10:30. I drove to Katoomba where we stopped to see if the sights had cleared up........ NOPE!!! just as bad or worse. We bought a post card for what our picture was supposed to look like, but this is what ours did look like.

We continued to drive down to Woolongong then on to Shoalhaven Heads. After pulling into the caravan park that the Navman told me that it was my destination, only to find we didn't have a booking and the caravan park we were book into was at the end of the street, OOPS!!!

Shoalhaven Park is a great little park sitting on the corner of the ocean and the Shoalhaven River. We set up on a good little site overlooking the boat ramp. The only problem there was a fence between us and some serious fish!! It took us about 3 hours for the full set up, just in time for us to catch the 6pm news of the Brisbane Floods. We spent the next few hours watching in awe of our home town, friends houses, City centre, being destroyed and devastated by the worst natural disaster in over 35 years (although there were a few very thankful thoughts of THANK GOD WE ARE NOT THERE RIGHT NOW!!)

Thurday was our planned chill out day of the week at Shoalhaven, and this we did. We spent the first 5 hours of the day watching the news and looking at Facebook, watching the horrors of the Queensland Floods. The afternoon was made up on a chill out shopping run in Nowra

Friday was supposed to be our Fishing day but after what seemed to be a cyclone wind coming through during the night (4am getting up in your jocks just to check if your home is going to blow away) Not exactly the best day to go fishing! So we decided to go for a drive down towards Jervis Bay. We covered towns of Greenwell point, Culburra Beach, Crook Haven, Currarong, Callala Bay and Beach, and Myola. We stopped here for a picnic lunch and a quick fish. We continued on for a bit to Huskinson, Vincentia, and on to the national park of Jervis Bay(very dissapointed about this place, cost us 10 bucks to drive in and nothing to see, half an hour and 10 bucks of our lives we will never get back) Sharna continued on to St George Basin and back through Nowra home. Dinner and bed for us.

Saturday was an early start so we could get up and get traveling towards Sydney. We decided to travel up and see great mates of Nath and Alicia in Manly. We drove up to Woolongong, missed a turn and had to back track to the town of Coalcliff, in this town we have the "Sea Cliff bridge" we got a few pics and before and then drove over the bridge. great sights!

Then we continued on to Sydney, headed to Bondi for a quick look at the historical beach, and Sharna went for a quick celebrity spotting. Nothin!! Headed across to Manly where we caught up with Nath. Met him at his apartment on the esplanade of Manly foreshore. We all walked up for some lunch at the Award winning Hugo's Restaurant. Nath shouted Lunch (Cheers bro, it won't be forgotten) and we headed back to his pad for a quick chat before heading back to Shoalhaven. Sharns cranked up a quick spag meatball dish before we crashed out for bed.

Sunday(today) was out Proper chill out day, the weather was great, the company was perfect and the fishing was on! I woke to a early leak, only to find Sharna keen to sleep in (something different!) after an hour or more sleep(trust me i wasn't complaining) we got up to get set for a day of fishing. We eventually got out only to find Sharna cleaned up in the fishing tally! She caught a flathead, bream, whiting, SNAPPER( in the river! ) and i got a Flounder and a flathead. All up we got 2 flathead keepers and a whiting.
We gave up fishing

 when we had enough so we headed back for an awesome arvo of Drinkin Rum and watching Cricket. I do believe it was a perfect day! Slept in, went fishing, caught enough for dinner, home early in time to watch the first one dayer, sat outside on a lilo for 6 hours drinking RUM and watching The Aussies win what seems like there first win this year! Awesome effort Watto!!

As usual it has taken me 4 hours to write this, so the pics will be coming in the next few days.


on the track to the glow worm tunnel.

Our first encounter with a wild wombat! for you kids looking, we are pretty sure he was a sleep!

360 degree view of our home without the tarp.

Going over the Sydney Harbour

View of the Sydney Harbour

Our view of sunset from the camper at Shoalhaven Heads

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