Monday, January 10, 2011

The Entrance to Oberon

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Week later and still haven't got around to the next one. Can you imagine what we are going to be like in 6 months time.

From the last post, that afternoon after we finished setting the camper, we headed out in the car for what was going to be a walk though the national park(weather took a rainy turn, nothing like QLD luckily) we headed to Norah Heads for a walk out to the lighthouse and down onto the beach and rocks for a windy stroll. After headed back into The entrance Info Centre and bought our NSW fishing licence


On Tuesday the 4th we drove to Gosford To get Pedders to look at my springs, and booked it in for Thursday. Shopped a bit on the way back. Grant, Lou and the kids came down for an overnight crash. I took Brady for a fish with his new rod from Christmas and he pulled in his first fish ever and my first fish for the trip(tiny little bream) After we walked over the bridge to the main town and the kids played around in the playground. Dinner at a cafe called Mojo's then back to the camp for a few games of cards before hitting the hay!

When the kids woke us up it was time to go fishing again. We headed out in the boat this time and it was time for us to try out the boat trolley that worked a dream(until we hit a pot hole on the waters edge and got bogged) We only could fit 4 in the boat at once and only had one kids life jacket so we did 2 trips out to an island in the Tuggerah Lakes. For a few hours we fished and the kids played around in the shallows. On the fishing tally, sharna won with the first to 5 fish wins(once again, no big fish) Headed back in for a late lunch and Grant drove me to gosford to drop my car and headed back to the entrance just in time for the kids to see the Pelican feeding tourist attraction. They headed back to camp for dinner before they left and we chilled out before bed.


Thursday was our relax day and we sat around till 2 in the arvo watching a shocking display of cricket and playing cards. Took a bus into Gosford and then got a cab to west gosford to pick up my car from pedders. They inserted 2 extra leaves in both springs and put on new shockies. On the way home we stopped into Erina shopping centre for a late lunch and shop.

Friday we did a big drive down the south coastal towns. We weaved in and out of the bays taking in the small towns and lookouts. We drove through Shelly Beach, Bateau Bay, forresters Beach, wamberal, and stopped at Terrigal for a walk around the headland. Continued on to North Avoca, Avoka, Copacabana where we did a small walk up to Captain Cook Lookout, which was not much of a lookout! Continued to Boudi national Park where we went for a small walk and took some pics over Maitland Bay. Drove onto Hardy's Bay where we stopped for a picnic lunch of sanga's and poppers. After we drove back through Killcare, Daley's Point, Ettalong, Woy Woy and Gosford. That afternoon we walked down to the river edge and fished for an hour or so. Caught a variety of fish, once again, nothing big or legal.


 Saturday was my fishing day. We took the boat down to the water and fished for 6 or so hours out on the water. I caught my first fish ever on soft plastic, and still don't know what it was. I think it is a Bass or estuary perch but it was caught in full salt water and those fish are freshwater fish? if anyone knows, let me know? Once again we both caught a variety of fish but nothing large enough to keep until i finally got a flathead that was legal!!!! Sharna claimed the most fish while we were both fishing but she gave up and sunbaked while i caught a few more. had a early dinner of lamb and bbq flathead with butter, salt and pepper! Lush!!

Sunday it was time to move on. We packed our syuff and headed outta town towards the hills. We stopped in at my Aunty and Uncles place in Mt Colah. I hadn't been there since i was about 5 i reckon, so was good to try to see if i could remember anything about the house. NUP!!!! We stayed for lunch then continued on through the home of the mighty panthers and up into the hills of Katoomba. We had a booking at a small town an hour out of Katoomba called Oberon. The park is called Jenolan Caravan park, which is small and not very busy. It has very nice new amenities, but the town seems like a dive! After setting up our home, we headed into town at 8 to try and find a feed!!! NOPE, everything is closed at 8pm on a Sunday!!! so headed back for packet pasta and salad!

Now we have today. Got up and did some washing before we headed down into the Jenolan Caves. It is about 30 or so kms from here. The drive through the country was nice until we hit thick cloud and couldn't see more than 20m in front of us, finally that parted just as we had a deadly decent into the caves. Thank god we decided to take off the boat and didn't have the trailer behind us. The road in was extremely steep, Windy and NARROW. Got there safe enough but the weather was pretty crap so luckily the caves were not wet. We decided to do the Orient Cave purely because it said it was good and the tour was leaving in 5 minutes. The tour went for 1.5 hours and was fairly easy, Sharna was a bit worried when it said it had 400 steps!! We had lunch in the cafe and then did a self guided tour of the "Devils Coach House" and the "Nettle Cave" The last 2 were nothing like the first, but i suppose thats why they were free. headed back to Oberon for some grocery shopping and dinner.

Well that takes us up to date. Probably a bit too detailed, a lot of you may have stopped reading. At least my mum read it all!!!


  1. Nice blog bloggers!!!
    All sounds pretty damn good from where I stand!! Though more pics, less text.... cant read that much! OR, just put all the good stuff like 'the fishin' bits in Italics for me... Thanks.
    And, I may as well say it now and might hear me say it again once or twice, but.... so jealous! Enjoy guys!

  2. Oh, and not too grey .... though not too plentiful either foobah!!! hehehe

  3. Yep - you're correct I did read every word, I want all the details! Nice looking fish.

  4. I read it all - though I was affraid that Harrison would wake up and I wouldn't get to make my coffee before I got to the end :)!!! Keep it up guys.... if I can't be there at least I can live vicariously through you!! XOXO