Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Katherine to Darwin

Ok guys, new post!

As u all know, we suck at this and getting the time to sit around when we are flat out at work all day is tough, so i'm doing a quick one just to put up some of the latest pics.

This is the Dam wall at Lake Argyle. You can see the the water mark on the rocks. The high level mark was 18 metres above the overflow wall. The total amount this wet season was that was held in the Lake was equivilent to 44 Sydney Harbours compared to the standard 12 Sydney Harbours of a standard wet season!

This friendly chap was just under the dam wall.

This truck pulled out in front of us from the bush on the way to Katherine. Doing 120 km/h with a person and a wild boar the full width of the tray!

The Katherine River.

This is Katherine Gorge at sunrise on the Morning breakfast cruise.

Katherine hot springs

Sharna's 2nd barra, getting bigger. And mine are getting smaller!

This is a peacock in full glory at The Daly River

The only thing i caught on the Daly. Massive catfish about 90cm and so big it bent the handle of the net lifting it in. Must have been nearly 15 kgs!

Friendly locals that kept me on my toes on the Daly. Being in the boat by yourself is a little hairy with a 6 metre croc eyeing you down!

The Daly river Crossing

Up in Darwin, Fishing and Crabbing with Craig Abbott. We caught more fish in the crab pots than on our lines. This cod was about 45cm and was chewing on the chicken bones in the crab pots.

We did have a good day tho! 5 decent mud crabs.

Spent a week in Darwin and finally today headed out on a Croc Jumping Cruise out on the Adelaide River! Definately not a river i plan on driving up in my 3.7 meter dingy.

3 metre sucker

only a small 1 metre guy but it did launch a full foot out of the water.

This is the famous "Brutis" a 5.8 metre saltie that had a fight with another resently and now only has 3 legs and quite a few scars!

Absolutely massive when within a metre of us.

He actually leant its head on the railing where i was resting my arm.

So impressive! Old mate didn't like him so close!

Certainly was amazing and something i would recommend to anyone in the vacinity. For $35 a head for an hour. Insane!!

Finish off with something nice like this water lily for my mum!

We are off to Litchfield this weekend with the Abbotts then to Kakadu for a few days and South again to quality Barra Fishing spots of Mataranka and King Ash Bay!!!

Enjoy, Because I'm certain that we are!!

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