Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Darwin back to the East coast of Northern QLD

Well well.......back again after a few weeks of travelling through some dry and dusty roads (Savannah Way) we have made it finally to Cooktown.  Here are the awesome places we have seen on the way.....

While in Darwin we went to the lush thremal spings - Berry Springs.  No one around and funnily enough we missed out on seeing some naked people by minutes taking the dive into these springs to the locals disgust!

Once we left Darwin we travelled to Litchfield National Park for the weekend with Craig and Shona.  These little fish were at Florence Falls.

We are at Sandy Creek falls just a short 4wd and 1.7km walk to this magic spot with only about 10 people here.


Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Both boys thought they could fly!

The more popular Wangi Falls.

The awesome Buley Rock Pools.  Where we camped near for 2 nights.  They definately were some cold but refreshing showers for us!  The current of the falls here was pretty fast Sharna was just floating.

Ahhhhhh the relaxing couple :)

Mrs Shona pondering her life :)

Unfortunately but not dissappointing we headed back to Darwin for one more night of free loading at the Abbott's.  On the way back we stopped in to see the massive termite mounds.  This is us being nutters!

There are really live termites in here!!  Imagine these getting into your place!

After finally leaving Darwin again and for good this time we headed to Kakadu.  Not sure if it should be a huge must on a to do list but was ok for the 2 days we were there.  This is the very very very very very very very very cold Jim Jim Falls.

This is Matt being naughty and fishing where he wasn't supposed too.  But he caught his first Saratoga.

After Kakadon't (unless you are a keen birdwatcher!) we headed to Mataranka.  This is the old Elsey Homestead Replica that was used for the movie "We of the Never Never"  Just amazing how they used to live in the old days.

Matt at the Bitter Springs.

Lovely flower for Mumma Marie

Mataranka Thermal Pools.  Was like one huge bath with about 50 people.  A little bit gross for Sharna.

Matt headed off the next day to catch the illusive Barra and stayed very illusive!  But he did get to take a picture of the Mataranka Falls without doing the 8km walk.  It wasn't the best waterfall we have seen!

He did however catch some good live bait which turned into his dinner one night. 

Check out this sucker!  You boys are jealous!

It was off then to Borroloola/King Ash Bay where the man caught my favourite fish shop fish the mighty SHARK!  Although it tasted pretty ordinary.

Finally we have made it back to our home state QLD!

First stop Normanton.  Can you believe this was a life size replica of the biggest known crocodile ever killed and killed by a WOMAN!  Go the ladies!  It was also here where we found out that our strong, sturdy, expensive bullbar decided to crack itself off the mounts and was only held on by our boat rope!  Thank god the boat is good for something else.  See Robbo it has two uses after all.  We think because of the constant corrogations of the Gibb and the Savannah Way finally took its toll on the car.  Lets hope thats the only thing. (touchwood)

Next stop across we stopped into Karumba and met up with Marie's best friend Bev and Graham.  Spent 5 days in Karumba with them with one of the days out on a BBQ boat. Was a great time catching up. 

After leaving Karumba we headed across to the East Coast to Lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands.  On our day tour we stopped in and seen the Cathedral Fig Tree.

and the Curtain Fig Tree.  These trees are MASSIVE!  Its amazing that they both just started from a seed the size of a sesame seed.

This is us at Malanda Falls and our pitstop for lunch.

Millaa Millaa Falls - Finally we got our picture taken after matt spent 10 mins taking everyone elses.  Bloody poms like to go first :)

After going up to the Millaa Millaa lookout Sharna spotted her favourite snake - A DEAD ONE! on the side of the road.

We then headed to Hypipamee National Park to see the famous Crater and Dinner Falls (sorry no pics of these matt didn't think they made the cut compared to all the other falls).  We did see an endangered cassowary which loud mouths us nearly scared away.

So once again we have made it through another blog and the rain has finally stopped so we are making this short and sweet as there are places to see! 

That's all folks!

Love ya's!

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