Monday, October 17, 2011

East Coast - Cooktown down to Gladstone!

Hello to all our frustrated followers :)  Yes yes we know we are slack in updating our blog, but we are having a smashing adventure, that the time is limited in spending long hours doing a new post :)  So hence this blog is a mile long with pics and a yard of words..... and so the picture adventure begins.....

We had a great time in Cooktown but no pics made the cut as the fishing was crap!

Mossman Gorge Rainforest Walk - Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a beautiful place to stay very much like a mini Noosa.  Foobie did a fishing tour while we were here and caught these beauties!  BIG one on the left is a Slatey Bream and the small one is a Gold Spot Trevally.  Foobie was a bit dissappointed though as other guys caught BIG Coral Trout!!

His fishing boat "The Norseman"

The weather was a bit windy in Port Douglas but mother nature loved us very much as the drive up to beautiful Cape Tribulation was breath taking.  This is definately the place where the rainforest meets the sea.

Look at the stunner on Cape Trib beach!!  NOT!!!!!!!!!

Matt went out fishing (Yes AGAIN!) and these were the views of the closest islands.

Can you see Free Willy???

After Cape Trib we headed back down to Cairns for Barna's birthday!  After 8 months on the road she finally got her ensuite site! 

This is us on her birthday going to Kuranda on the Skyrail.  These carts are sooooo high off the ground!

Pretty pic for mumma marie!

Us checking out Baron Falls.  The last time Foobie was here the whole rock wall behind us was gushing with water!

While up at Kuranda we went to the Butterfly Enclosure.  Sharna LOVED it!

Another pretty flower for mumma marie!

Us being idiots on the historic train ride home!


Only joking!!

Sharna being an idiot!

Everyone meet Matt on a bad day fishing!  ha ha ha ha

This feisty fella is a Hartleys Croc Farm.

Can you believe it they BREED killer crocs!  Thank god only for speciality croc items for us fine ladies :)

Matt and I were contemplating this leap of faith but decided it was a better view from the ground at Mission Beach.

Mission Beach is on the Cassowary Coast which are endangered but low and behold one decided to get friendly and roam around our camp ground.

Must also note that we had another lovely guest while staying in Mission Beach dadda Noel came and visited.  Was good to finally talk to someone besides each other!

We went to Paronella Park for our flash back into history.  The castle thingy was a cafe/coffee/snack with change rooms either side under the staircases.  Foo was standing on the tennis courts while take the pic.  Can you believe all of this was made by one man back in the 1930's.

Man we wished we had fishing rods!

Ahh what romantics! 

Matt's first GT - Giant Trevally just not very giant!  He caught this out and around Dunk Island.

The shitty and annoying COD Fish and a pretty parrot fish.

Oopps another one bites the dust!

Another pretty cod!

We headed to Cardwell next and the fish got bigger!!  This is a Grunter.  Yum! Yum!

Finally a LEGAL BARRA!!!!!  Isn't he a beauty!

Blue Salmon.

Mangrove Jack!  So that was a few fish off Foo's list!

After many months of not going fishing with Foo I decided it was a bit safer in Townsville to head out and around Magnetic Island.  Was I wrong!!  Sharks everywhere! Only little ones though :) he he he


The next day though Sharna decided to give it a miss and so Matt went river fishing and the best thing he caught all day was this big prawn!  But look at the state of the boat after muddy cast netting!

Next on the fishing trip I mean holiday....Matt (once again) went fishing at Airlie Beach.  Was good for me too though as I scored a new dress, hat and a killer tan!!

On today's adventure matt finally caught his Coral Trout. 

As we have already been to Airlie Beach Sharna gave in and went fishing 2 days in a row in the rivers.  First day fishing matt caught 4 small barra and.......if you have a queezy tummy please refrain from looking at the next picture.........................

He caught a treble hook in the finger!

And Sharna caught THIS!!!!!!!!!  Come to mumma you 56cm BIG BARRA!!!  Unfortunately it was just under size for being legal but the biggest fish of the day and one great trophy pic for Sharna!!!!!

Also that day Matt agreed that if we ran out of bait or Sharna saw a croc that was it we were going home!!  Lucky the 4 metre croc came out on the bank on the way home!

As the first day of fishing was successful we decided to head back there the next day with only one catch of the day!  Thank god it was one hefty sucker! Its a shame that matt had bragging rights though as it was legal too!  Also lucky that Sharna has crappy eye sight as there were a few crocs out and about this day!

Next stop on our adventure was Mackay.  Which we are very lucky to have friends that allowed us to have a place to sleep that has solid walls and a fabulous bathroom!!!

Oh and they have a ski boat!!  You Beauty!!  Foo on his second attempt on ski's!!  Just a show off I mean natural!

Woodsy being a show off on the wake board while matt is struggling on the ski's seconds before he hit the deck!

If you are not sure on who or what this whale like thing is being towed!  yes yes this is Sharna trying very hard not to fall off while trying to kneel on the surfboard.  Sharna had no luck at the ski's or the wakeboard to settled for a ride along on the surf board.

After a few days of installing a fabulous new kitchen for the Woods' the boys had a morning of fishing before the wind picked up.  The catch....Mac Tuna which Matt jagged through the guts and was skull dragged in ... I mean caught fair and square!

Mac Tuna on left and School Mac on the right which Woodsy caught the correct way.

Sooooo followers this is another entry to our blog and I can probably guarantee there wont be another one anytime soon as we will be home in under 2 weeks for a cute christening and a marvellous wedding so you will all have time to quiz us when we get there. 

For now until then we are currently at Lake Awoonga (which has NO barra biting!) and are off to Bundaberg tomorrow for a few rumbo's.  Then to Hervey Bay and off to Fraser with a friend from home hopefully until we see you all again!

See you round!

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