Monday, July 25, 2011

The Kimberleys

We are slack.

We left Derby what seems like a lifetime ago. Our first stop on the famous Gibb River Road was Windjana Gorge.  This place was huge and of a late afternoon HEAPS of fresh water crocs!

You know the rule....Never smile at a crocodile!

This is an amazing sunset at Windjana National Park.  We were both chuffed at finally making it to the first stop on the Gibb :)

Near Windjana Gorge is Tunnel Creek.  This is an underwater cave system.  A bit spooking on your own as all you have is a small torch and your wadding through water with the possibilities of fresh water crocs swimming past you!  It was amazing though!

Next stop on the cross country adventure was Bells Gorge.  This water was sooooo cold!  I braved it to my knees but Foo went all in!

Can you see him?

On the way to Bell Gorge we had to conquer a few water crossings.  This one was the deepest so far.  The water made up over the skids on the car and up the back of the camper.

After talking to our lovely neighbours for the last two camps we headed off to Mornington Wilderness park.  This place had 2 gorges and 2 water holes.  This is Diamond Gorge.

Cadjeput Hole. 

Massive Boab on the way to our next stop.

On the way to Manning Gorge we stoped off at Galvins Gorge.  This was one of the easiest walks to the water hole and the nicest so far.

Next stop Manning Gorge!  This gorge was spectacular.  The water was crystal clear.  It took us at good hour to walk to these falls but it was so worth the climb it was beautiful!

Us behind the thundering waterfall.

Not the best shot of me but I gave it a go.  Was like a little kid in a candy store had soo much fun.


Foo trying to walk on water :)

Oh no!!!  The trouble starts.  After fueling up at Mount Barnett Road House (which is 1km from Manning Gorge camping) we found a poor couple only 200 mtrs from the road house with water in their fuel.  That was the end of their holiday as they had to be towed back to Derby.  Unfortunately we found out that we got our fuel from the same bowser and so we were praying that we didn't have any water but as we crawled into Drysdale Station our water light kept coming on.  Bugger!  So all we could do is drain the tank and hope all is good.  Lucky we had once again a great neighbour who helped foo pull the whole fuel tank off the car and flush it out.  By the way they did it in the dark!  I tell you there are great people out there!

The next day we were going to head to Mitchell Falls but because of the water in the fuel we were a bit hesitant so we decided to pull the plug and keep going on the Gibb just in case.  Thankfully they did get all the water out but....................on the way to Home Valley Station our next hiccup came in the shape of two punctures!  It was definately a long drive after getting the punctures as foo had to keep pumping up the tyre as we one had one spare and a puncture repair kit which just wasn't working.


After crawling once again to Home Valley Station we made it finally.  This place was like 5 star camping after what we had been staying at.  There was lush green grass everywhere it was fantastic! After having to purchase two new tyres (for $870) we were back to business :)

Home Valley is right next to the Pentecost River so Matt went out in the boat one day and caught 5 barra!  None legal though.  While I relaxed by the pool :)

If you look closer there is a lizard on the car.

This boab was next to the famous El Questro homestead. We had to pull up and have a fish.

Our last stop on the trip was El Questro.

First day there we went fishing at Chamberlain Gorge.  Matt caught a 48cm barra. This is still the closest to being legal. Legal size of the barra up here is between 55cm and 80cm. At this stage Matt has caught about 15 barra to 0 legal!

And I caught my FIRST barra!  Just a baby but still caught one :)

This is at Zebedee Springs.  This was like sitting in a bath.  The water was wonderful!  Neither of us wanted to get out.

Back at the camp ground we had a friendly visitor.

This is the famous Emma Gorge.

Finally we made it to the end of the Gibb.

Prison Boab tree at Wydham.

Well Matt finally got the nerve to take the boat out at Mambi Island on the lower Ord. Knowing full well that there were big crocs everywhere. This is his first close up sighting in the boat as he drifted by. It was about 3m long! Unfortunately there were no decent fish caught!

We made it down to Kununurra and back to civilisation. The water from the wet season is still thundering out of Lake Argyle. Tour guides said that this wet season (lake Argyle water capasity when full and not overflowing usually holds 12 Sydney harbours) the amount of water held in the dam at the end was 44 Sydney Harbours! And the flow rate out of the Dam now is still at 1.5 olympic swimming pools PER SECOND!!! so just imagine the flow rate when the spill gate was 9 metres higher than that. That is why there has been just so much carnage and erosion this year. Fantastic to see tho!

This is the Ivanhoe Crossing which is still closed now and will be for some time. The flow coming down still is massive.

This is the local Kununurra park with our caravan park in the background.

Diversion Dam

Sunset out in the boat on Lake Kununurra

Matt Cruising in the boat.

Lake Kununurra sunset from the boat

After the hectic bumpy roads of the Gibb we decided to do a flight over the Bungle Bungles.  I scored the front seat with the cute pilot :)

The beehive domes!

Argle Diamond Mined.  Thats a massive whole!

Foobie all alone in the back seat.

Well thats it folks till next time. 


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