Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Barra Land!!!!!

Well, back again a bit quicker than usual. No its not just to boast, but we are about to hit the Gibb River Road, so we thought we would get a few last pics up before we head out of range for a few weeks.

As you may see, I have let things go a bit wild in the last few weeks(well months). The weather has been cool and i have not had a shave since...........I think it was the Alice Springs Races actually a couple of months ago. But it is now time so i took this before Sharna Sheered me.

We have spent a few days in Broome as we said last blog. We headed out on the Sunset Camel Tour on Cable beach. It was really cool, tho pretty expensive at 70 bucks each for an hour. Still we are glad to have done it. 

Well anyone on Facebook would have seen these next few pics. As we have said we headed out on a Barra tour out from Broome on our last day. It was extremely pricey at 285 bucks a head for a full days and for us both to do it, was costly.......Although I thought it was very worth it!

There were 3 of us on the tour. Sharna and I, another bloke called "Mundie" and of course the guide - "Slim". The Charter was Slims Barra Charters and he is one of the barra charters in Broome, tho he specialises in Barra only as some do deep sea stuff as well.

He picked us up at 6am and we drove 150kms to the Fitsroy river at a place called the Telegraph Pools.  It was a slow start to the day but by mid morning the Barra had arrived.  This is my biggest catch for the morning about 35cm and weighing approx 1kg....... 

And this is my afternoon catch!!!  102cm thumper and weighing approx. 45kgs (in Kris' terms!)  This thumper was caught by trawling with a classic hard bodied lure (below).

Isn't she a BEAUTY! actual weight was about 20kgs. It was a real struggle to hold her up straight .

This is the lure I caught her on. I took this after Slim changed 2 of the Trebble hooks, They were both bent to crap!

That was all we caught on the boat all day. I was very happy obviously but Sharna and Mundie felt a bit rorted. I got as much info out of Slim about how, when, where and anything else i could to keep catching them on our adventures through the top end.

This was on our way to Chile Creek on Cape Leveque.  This one is for you ma!  They were yellow wattle.

After setting up camp we drove down to the river mouth and beach for a look at the local scenery and this is what we got!  Not a happy chappy this arvo!  We were bogged for an hour with the sun setting in the background and us trying everything to get out.  In the end after almost 25mins of scanning the cb we had victory!  Two cars came to see the sunset and we were saved!

The next day we headed up to One Arm Point for some fishing and arrived just in time for the show at the Hatchery.  This is a green turtle.

Barra Cods

Finding Nemo!  Clown Fish.

Sharna caught the only fish up at One Arm Point.  Her favourite the reef cod!  Only kidding she hates them because thats all she can catch!

This is a wild camel on the way to Middle Lagoon.  Middle Lagoon was half way up Cape Leveque and amazing!  We both enjoyed this place the most and would definately go back tomorrow if we could.

Out fishing at Middle Lagoon.  Finally a black snapper. The only fish that was worth a photo.  Not like the mackeral the other boat caught!  We did trawl and I had 2 strikes but lost them.  We also chased tuna schools to no avail.  Was a wild day on the water with at one stage a sail fish that was easily 2 metres long swam by.

Our view from our campsite at Middle Lagoon.  Just beautiful!

Well folks thats it for another blog.  We have been in Derby for 2 nights preparing for the next big adventure!  We are off on the Gibb River Road tomorrow for 2-3 weeks with no reception so don't panic we will stay safe and will be in contact once again then.


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