Saturday, June 11, 2011

Geraldton to Exmouth

Well followers its time for another blog, And to my pesky sister that has been hinting for days for an update, Bugger off! We're on holidays!!!

Since Geraldton we have ventured further north into warmer and what seems like much windier weather. The days have finally cleared up, but with the clear skies, unfortunately the winds are up and the boating has been cold and wet. I have persisted to Sharna's dissapointment, but the fishing has got a lot better.

We left Geraldton and drove straight to Denham (25km from Monkey Mia). The weather was crappy (rain again!) but we tredged on and went to Monkey Mia to see the dolphin feeding. Which was great!  There was only 1 dolphin (Puk) to feed 5 fish, which neither of us got to do it to Sharna's annoyance as she put in all the hard work with the guide and then she picked a girl that wet Sharna.  NOT A HAPPY CHAPPY!

We then headed to Francois Peron National Park for some mean 4 wheel driving.  This was the most westernly point we could get too without getting permission. Can you see the "Westside Sign"?

Next day we took the boat out although it was blowy as hell!  Caught a few fish and a thumper squid that was trying to take Sharna's small reef fish off her line.

This is a BARRA!!!  ok the nickname is called a False Barra but still has barra in the title so its my first BARRA!  Its actually a sand bass and we caught them on Nuclear Chickens Gulp! (Soft Plastics for the non fisher people)

Once again Sharna caught the biggest fish!

This is the Carnavon Blowholes on the Quobba Coast.  Went for a drive and matt saw fish in the water and that was it.  We were stuck there for hours!  We continued up the coast finally in hope of seening ballooning.  Once again for the non fisher people ballooning is where the fisherman floats his bait over the water out to sea in hope of a large game fish to jump out and grab it.

We came back from the Quobba Coast and was going to walk out onto the One Mile Jetty but it cost money and thought stuff that so Sharna went for a walk along this beach while Matt tried to catch a fish.  Didn't work!

We headed to Coral Bay the next day and decided to go to Five Finger Point.  On the way we spotted a bit of wild life :) 

Same day we went to Mauds Landing.  Matt tried once again to catch a fish with the Nuclear Chicken but caught a big wooden post instead and had to swim out to it to release the lure.

Next day it was now or never.  The wind was up and so were we at 7am to get ready for a BIG BIG BIG day of fishing and as the fisher people say the bigger the bait the BIGGER the fish and man were they right!  This was matt's first catch Chinaman Reef Cod.

Sharna's first catch a Reef Triggerfish

Matt's Gold Spot Trevally (Skippy)

Somehow he managed to catch a Octopus but had to cut the line because he kept sucking onto the boat and matts hand!

This was a secluded beach for a quick pee stop.

Now finally a BIG fish!  Matt's had finally beat me in the biggest fish contest and caught this 50 plus Spangled Emperor (Nor'west Snapper)

UNTIL.......... Sharna caught this 50 plus PLUS Spangled Emperor :) ha ha ha ha  They were superb eating :)

Matt also caught a Garfish to use as live bait.  We threw it out and after about 30 mins we thought there was no way anything was going to go for it until....... the line went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and both of us were looking at each other watch each others rods until it clicked it was the floater and matt was onto it in a flash and yanked back to try and hook whatever it was.  He obviously hit the mark when a bloody 2 metre shark comes out of the water spiralling like a dophin and bolts and snaps the line luckily.  We both looked at each other in amazement then cracked up with laughter!  It was the most bizarre thing we have every seen but also scary in a 3 metre boat with our caught fish hanging over the side in the water to keep them fresh.  Man did they come in fast then!

This is us on the main beach this morning waiting for our Coral Reef tour (Glass Bottom Boat) to start.

The view from the boat.  Man we wished this sucker was in the non sanctuary zone.  He was a thumper and so was his friends!  They all followed the boat.

Well folks thats it for another blog.  We have arrived in WINDY Exmouth this afternoon and have checked out the local area (in 10 mins) and have our plan for tomorrow. Yep you guessed MORE FISHING! Oh some more sunbaking and reading for me.  Hopefully a day out of the boat tomorrow........ maybe got to keep my skills up :)

Lots of love to all and especially to all the WORKING SUCKERS oh wait thats all of you! 

Talk soon
Cheers xxxxx

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