Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Alice to Whyalla

Well back again for another basic update.
We have travelled a fair distance in the last week or so and spend a s&%t load of money on fuel!(most expensive was $2.25/litre).

 First up we travelled out to the East Mac Ranges. Did some cool off roading to the John Hayes Rockhole which was a 4km drive down a rocky riverbed. Shook the dust of the car, but may have caused some damage as we are now leaking oil out of the back diff (off to the mechanic tomorrow to check it out) The picture shows the awesome water hole and if you look closely some even better scenery!
We also headed out to Trephina Gorge and did the rim walk which was awesome.

On the way home we stopped at Emily and Jessies gap for a quick pic.
Next day we moved home and drove! from Alice all the way to Marla for lunch. From here we were going to head down the Oodnadatta track but it rained the night before. We seriously considered it until after lunch we came across 2 vehicles coming out of the track, carrying campers. From the front wheels back was at least 3 inches of solid red mud. They said it had taken them 5 hours of sliding to drive from Oodnadatta to Marla, about 220kms. So we continued to Coober Pedy to see if it was any better down there, if so we might have driven out to williams creek and continued on from there.
NOPE! It was 4 times worse with what looked like twice as much rain, water and mud everywhere. So decided to stay the night in a motel room away from the mud and to continue to Port Augusta on the highway away from the mud.
From Port Augusta we headed into the Flinders Ranges for 2 nights to explore Wilpena Pound and surrounds. We did a 8km walk into the pound (which Sharna chose surprisingly ) and viewed some lovely sights and wildlife. From here we had a coffee and cake before heading off for a drive around the rest of the ranges and dirt tracks. We didn't take many photos but the amount of wildlife (kangaroos, emus, eagles, etc) was fantastic.
This last pic is at our awesome campsite at Wilpena. Our first fire at the camp.
From here we headed back through Port Augusta and continued on to Whyalla where we plan to stay for 5 nights. The park is really nice and overlooks the bay. The first couple of days are awesome with blue skies and no wind. We headed down to the boat ramp to check out the local fishing and seen massive snapper being cleaned. also at the boat ramp we watched dolphins follow boats in. We stood out on the jetty and they actually came right up to our hands looking for fish. So cool.
 Headed out fishing on the first day in town and caught a few whiting and snapper(small ones only)
Next day was sharna's choise so we didn't fish!!!!! Third day was mine, planned to fish but the wind blew up and no chance to get out !!!!

So that takes us to today. We did get our car checked today. Have some major problems. Back diff piston seals leaking and transfer box seal are leaking oil. The front transfer box is getting fixed on thursday but the back diff seal part is on back order for an undiscosed time frame, so we are in real trouble as we have to just keep going and hope it doesn't break or seize before we can get the part and fix it. Luckily it is under warranty and not costing us, but the time and inconveinience sucks!
Anyway, here are some pics for my ma. Its the Stuarts Desert Pea flower that we have growing here in the park.

Well thats it. Talk Soon!

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