Friday, April 22, 2011

Yorke Peninsula up to Coober Pedy!

Well we said we would try to keep on top of this a bit better so I'm going to try!

Since we landed back in Adelaide , we headed around into the yorke peninsula. First day we drove around to Ardrossan and stopped for a coffee and smoko. Walked out onto their pier and watched some tourist catching swimmer crabs, and trying to catch squid and small fish such as Tommy's and Gar.
This is a pic from the jetty back to the cliffs.

After we left there we headed down the coast and finished up the drive by setting up camp at Edithburgh. The weather was cloudy but very windy.
The next day, after a walk up to town we talked to the local fish shop owner and he recommended taking a half hour drive to Port Turton if we were keen on a decent fish as it was on the other side of the peninsula and a bit protected. We did, but it wasn't protected!! We did however venture out in the boat for a spot of fishing. The wind was a bit too strong off shore so we called it quits and headed back in, altho as we were headed in we trawled some lure behind the boat, in the hope to catch some salmon!!!

And that we did!!! Sharna had a ball!! Since we were in the shallow close to the rock wall and strong winds blowing us back onto the wall, i had to keep steering the boat, where sharna got to pull them all in! Only once did we have a double hookup, still we got them all. We have decided now that if we ever catch that many again, we will start throwing them back! I did however fillet them all, we ate 4 fish and ended up giving the rest away to our neighbour in the park who was stoked.
Definitely need a freezer for storage (I'll be happy to have one instead of easter bunnies!!)

2 nights at edithburgh then on the road again. Drove across the peninsula again all the way to Corny point then down to Marion Bay, both were little fishing towns. On the road again and headed up to Port Rickaby for lunch on the jetty.

After lunch we drove to the next stop for the night, port Victoria. This little fishing hamlet was gorgeous and one of the nicest outlooks from the caravan park that we have stayed. We booked in for 2 days but stayed for 3. First full day was perfect weather, not a breath of wind and not a cloud in the sky. We chilled out all day and walked around the town and jetty. The afternoon sunsets were gorgeous!

sunset and our camp setup!

2nd night we headed out to tea at the pub, afterwards i wend for a fish down on the jetty in search of some squid. It only took about 15 minutes and i had one! and one was enough! For someone who has never caught or cleaned one of these things! yuck! guts and slime went everywhere! Still ate it up on the last night which tasted awesome!

Sunset on the last night looking out over the Port Victoria Jetty

We headed out and drove through Moonta Bay and port pirie, stopping to look at the jetties at both, continuing on we ended up at Port Augusta. We stayed for 2 nights here.
we did a massive shop for the next week or 2 and got 7 meals of meat from the butcher and got it Cryovaced. We did a small tour of the ports sites, 10 minutes later we were home, below is the pic from the Botanic Gardens lookout, looking towards the Flinders Ranges

From here we set off north and headed 570 km to Coober Pedy. The road here was pretty uneventful as u can imagine, with only 2 stops at small towns basically there only for the fuel!
Coober Pedy itself is pretty cool. I little mining town, know for its opals. We ventured out today looking at the sights and looked at the underground motel, bar and display. But being Good Friday, not a good day to search for a beer!

We ventured out to a few of the opal jewellers, which had pretty cool shop/house fronts!

This is a view from the top of "the Big Winch" looking out towards town and the mines that surround it.

Another cool shop front, which sharna punched me twice!

we that's us again up to date. Tomorrow we are off for another 500 km drive north to a little place called Erldunda. one night there and then to the Lost Camel at Uluru for 2 nights of pleasure for our anniversary(and i do mean pleasure)
 Hope all is well in the rest of the country.
 Don't work too hard!!

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